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This is your opportunity to write for The Fun Entrepreneur. We are a fast growing, independent resource for small businesses and those looking to start their venture. Through our articles, Infographics, guides and interviews we aim to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with everything they need to start, run and grow a successful business. We also, of course, give great importance to having fun whilst running a business.

Our Audience

Our message reaches well beyond Malta, where we are based. Readers are primarily existing or future business owners and entrepreneurs who are seeking inspiration or solutions to common start-up challenges. If you wish to write for The Fun Entrepreneur, then you should offer practical solutions to these challenges in some way.

Our Standards

We don’t accept just any articles or Infographics, quite the opposite in fact. We receive hundreds of requests, but unfortunately many authors fail to read our standards. To help ensure that your article is selected for publication, please meet or exceed the following criteria:

 – the main topic should be of interest to our audience.

 – you need to be creative; write about a common topic from a new perspective; write about unique topics; present your work in an engaging way.

 – proofread your work and check for proper grammar. We accept both UK and US English.

 – write in a friendly tone and feel free to include subtle humour.

 – show that you have researched your work. Provide us with at least one reputable, external source which helped you write your article or create your infographic.

 – articles should be 500-1000 words in length. Infographics need to include a 300-word introduction.

 – your article cannot be promotional in nature or include any information which is exclusive to the business or website you represent. Promotional material can be submitted as a Sponsored Post.

 – proofread your work and check proper grammar. This is not a typo. We really want you to do this so we wrote it twice!

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If you are satisfied that your work fulfills all of the above requirements, it is time for you to send it to us. Do this by filling in the form below. After you submit your work successfully we will do our best to be in contact within 72 hours. Thank you for offering to write for The Fun Entrepreneur.