Starting A Small Business? These Short Courses Can Help

Starting a small business, whether on the side or as a full-time engagement can give you better control of your income. If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that job security is, in many cases, just an illusion. In any case, as an employee, you are already selling your time and expertise to a single client – your employer. Why not expand your reach, diversify your clients base and reduce the risk of redundancy by starting a small business?

If you’ve never launched a business before, taking the leap will almost certainly be a daunting thought. However, you can reduce the risk by keeping a steadier source of income, such as full or part-time employment. Doing this will reduce the fear of the unknown associated with startups. Another step you can take to increase the likelihood of success is improving your skills.

Acquiring the skills needed when starting a small business has become easier than ever before. Rather than spend years in college or university learning more theory than you can ever use in one lifetime, you can opt for a short course. Normally lasting a few weeks or months, these short courses can give you the practical skills you need to set up, run, and grow your business. Apart from being affordable, these courses are available online and are at your disposal indefinitely once you have purchased them. This means that you can refer back to them whenever you need to.


Graphic Design

The ability to create stunning artwork and visuals is a skill that will always be in demand. Graphic designers are continually sought-after professionals in the marketing, iGaming, and programming sectors. Freelancers and consultants are also in great demand, allowing individuals to work remotely on their timetable.

By attending this Graphic Design Masterclass you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and a suite of other popular software. The course itself only lasts around 25 hours, but you can watch and rewatch each lesson as many times as you wish. You will have numerous optional exercises and challenges to help you perfect your skills, including designing flyers, logos, and social media graphics.


SQL Programming

What differentiates most large corporations from smaller businesses? Probably, many factors, but one of the most important ones is the ability to analyse data effectively. Understanding customers and large volumes of data can help you significantly when starting a small business. You’re certainly aware that practically all our movements and decisions are somehow tracked. What you might not know is that there is a huge need for additional analysts to help translate the information into actionable decisions.

Specialised courses, such as this Complete SQL Bootcamp, can teach you how to query databases and perform data analysis. By being comfortable using SQL and having experience using it in real-world exercises, you will be able to offer your outsourced services very quickly. This course is just under 10 hours long and comes highly recommended by over 300,000 students worldwide.


Web Developer

Today, starting a small business without a website or social media page is insane. Through convenient solutions, it no longer takes a skilled web designer to create a simple, yet stunning website. However, what if you want your website to truly stand out, or want to put your creative flair to good use? Then becoming a web developer might be the best course of action.

Websites are like accountants – businesses will certainly need them for the foreseeable future. Businesses are always looking to differentiate themselves, and their website is a great way to do this. As a result, creative web developers are always in high demand. If you lack the necessary skills, you can get them by attending this Web Development Bootcamp. With almost 60 hours of video content and lots of challenging exercises, you’ll learn to code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and much more.


Financial Analyst

An important aspect of starting a small business is having your eye on the enterprise’s numbers. No matter the size of your business, if you are not able to understand P&Ls, balance sheets, and cash flow forecasts, you risk making the wrong decisions. The good news is that you do not need an accounting degree in order to understand these and other business KPIs.

The Complete Financial Analyst Course teaches all the basic, and some advanced accounting skills. This 18-hour course will help you master Excel and be able to confidently manage large volumes of financial data. You’ll be introduced to important terms, such as solvency, liquidity, and growth ratios, and taught how to calculate them in practical, real-world scenarios.



The challenge of eating well and having a healthy lifestyle is only getting harder. People across the globe are increasingly aware of the dangers of processed foods, sugars, and salt. Many go on diets and try to lose weight, but few succeed and even few keep the weight off. As a result, the demand for nutritionists, dieticians, and personal trainers continues to grow. Moreover, in a world accustomed to lockdowns and social distancing, remote dietary consultations are becoming increasingly commonplace.

If you’re thinking of starting a small business in this sector, then you should consider signing up for this Diploma in Nutrition. Accredited by The International Association of Therapists, this short course will teach you about energy balances, BMR and TDEE. In addition, you will learn how to assess a person’s daily requirements of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and other nutrients.