Sponsored: Why We Have Partnered Up With SiteGround

During the second half of 2020, The Fun Entrepreneur has partnered with SiteGround to provide our readers with a superior website hosting package. We decided to do this, and to write an article about it since we believe that the reasons behind our decision may be beneficial to you. As you know, this site provides free and useful information for starting and running a business. We do not charge readers any subscription fees, and so we rely on sponsors and ads to keep us going.


SiteGround’s customer service

Over the years our team has used several hosting providers, including some truly popular brands. The sign-up or purchase process was seamless and unremarkable each time. However, when we needed technical assistance, things got ugly. Some service providers only offer support through email, whilst the ones that offer live chat can sometimes be hard to reach. SiteGround live chat function allows us to speak to someone within a matter of minutes.

Getting to speak to someone is just the first step. We have found that the level of support from SiteGround is a cut above the rest. The simplest way to explain this is in describing how they help. When we asked a former service provider for assistance, the best form of help we got is an explanation of what we needed to do. This was good enough; the information was proper and after some effort from our side the problem was solved.

SiteGround’s team members approached our problems differently. Whilst they still provided the solution in the form of simple steps, they took it upon themselves to sort out the problem for us. Our issues were resolved within a couple of minutes without us having to intervene. There is good enough service, and then there’s going the extra mile service.


Ease of use

The team at The Fun Entrepreneur are business advisors and editors. Unfortunately we lack advanced technical skills beyond SEO and basic HTML editing. In reality, our lack of knowledge has never been felt when using SiteGround. Their WordPress Starter lets you create a new website directly on the popular website builder and their SG Optimizer plugin helps you boost site performance.

It doesn’t take any extensive research to figure out what you need to do. The process is straightforward. If you do need help, their service team is always eager to assist you.


Your website is safe

Website safety is an increasingly concerning aspect of running a business. It is concerning because many entrepreneurs ignore it completely or view it as an extra cost to be avoided. In reality, there are few decisions more important than protecting your website, especially if you have an online shop or store confidential information.

SiteGround’s hosting services include a three-level security system which protects the application, the servers, and the network. All plans include free SSL certification and free daily backups. This last service was essential to us when we installed a third party plugin which caused a fault in the website.


Cost of service

SiteGround offers multiple packages and ways to pay which suit all budgets and businesses. They might not be the cheapest hosting providers on the web, but given the benefits of their solution, we are confident that they provider superb value for money. As a business owner, you have probably juggled the concept of cost and value. You likely understand that in today’s world, customers are choosing value and experience over simply cost.

When you make a purchase on SiteGround you are not simply buying a one-time-use product. Their subscription plans cater to your website for extended periods of time. To do this, SiteGround must invest in quality equipment and staff, which cost money. I am sure most entrepreneurs would agree that it is always better to spend a few extra euros and get a great experience, than endeavour to go for the cheapest possible offer and end up with issue after issue.