Infographic: Personalised Marketing, Is The Future?

For the past few years, many industry leaders and gurus have been extolling the virtues of personalised marketing and smart segmentation. In 2019, more marketers than ever adopted this technology. In this article, we ask if personalisation is truly transformational or if it is just another passing trend.


First things first, what is Personalised Marketing?

Personalisation technology can help improve the performance of marketing campaigns by making them more relevant to the needs of individual customers. You can use this process in your business newsletters, website content and social media activity.


How does it work?

To implement a personalised marketing campaign, you will need a reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and analytics software. Using these, you can gather customer data which can then be leveraged in the formulation of personalised multi-channel experiences.


Does personalisation work?

According to figures from Salesforce, high-performing businesses use data-targeting and segmentation 51% more than underperforming businesses. Research has also revealed that the clever use of personalisation can result in greater average order values, customer retention, and conversion rates.


Do customers really respond to it?

Yes, study after study has highlighted customers’ preference for targeted marketing. In fact, 57% of consumers admitted that they would be happy to swap personal data for more personalised offers.


So why is this?

The greater relevance of personalised content helps to build trust in the brand because the customer feels more valued. In a fiercely competitive market, personalised marketing can help you to stand out by establishing your reputation as the customer-first choice.


Personalisation is the future of marketing

This bold claim comes from our friends at M2OnHold who have researched the topic extensively and have published their findings in this easy-to-read infographic. We hope you find its content useful for your marketing strategy.

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