Sponsored: Security Practices Your New Business Needs

When you set up a business, there are many things you have to consider. From finding the perfect office or retail space to setting up the legal framework you’ll need, there are many things which might take your time. One important thing you should always consider is the security of your business. Smaller businesses generally make less investment in security than larger ones, leaving them more vulnerable to attacks. Here are some of the security practices you should make sure you have in place.


Unique passwords

Trying to remember your passwords can be a bit of a nightmare. It is important that you always pick ones which are strong and difficult to guess. Unsurprisingly, the most common passwords often include things like “password” and “123456”. Neither of these is going to cut it.

Ideally, you should want a password which is over 8 characters in length and what a computer deems to be complex. This means it needs a mixture of lower and upper-case characters, as well as numbers and special characters. Most people use names or places familiar to them to create their passwords. Take a look at them and see where you could replace a letter with a number or a symbol.


Identity verification

This is a simple process but it is incredibly important if you have clients who are going to be signing up to your website in any way. It can also be used to verify customers if they place an order. The identity verification process offered by cognitohq.com is quick and simple to use. It is not as intrusive as other processes and all it requires from your customers is a phone number.

With identify verification, you can be certain that it is a real person on the other end of the transaction. This should result in a lower chance of the package being intercepted or sent to the wrong address. It will ultimately help to give your customers more peace of mind.


Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt

Encryption is one of your best bets for ensuring that everything is protected as much as possible. When buying new hard drives or USB drives to use for the business, try to look for ones which have encryption already built-in. You should also check the encryption status of your wireless network to ensure that there are no interlopers hanging on. Have a look at VPNs, they might also be able to add a further level of encryption to your network and any communication you might have.

Enacting these security practices into the setup of your business should always be of paramount importance to you. If your business is adequately protected, you know that your data is never going to go anywhere you don’t want it to. You can rest easy knowing that the personal data of your clients is secure.

Security is an on-going challenge and you should look to manage it as much as you can. Don’t neglect it, and make
it the best it can be. Do so and you will be able to focus on other parts of your business which will also need your attention.