5 Ways To Tell If You’re Not An Entrepreneur

Thanks to the rise of social media, successful entrepreneurs are treated like superstars. Probably, not a day goes by that your feed doesn’t feature at least one lesson based on the experience of an entrepreneur. It got to the point that everyone wants to become one. However, this is far from possible. Becoming an entrepreneur is hard work, and few people have what it takes.

Ask anyone why they admire a particular entrepreneur. Their reply will help you determine if they have the entrepreneurial spirit within them, or if they are just a different form of groupies. You can test yourself in the same way, and if you are truly honest in your answer, you might find out whether being an entrepreneur is something you are or something which you just like the sound of. You are not an entrepreneur if you…


1. Like to stay in your comfort zone

It is practically impossible to learn something new if do the same old thing over and over again. If you are unwilling to leave your comfort zone and experience a full ride of emotions, then you are not an entrepreneur.


2. Want to fit in

You might run or hope to run your own grocery shop or retail outlet, doing what everyone else is doing because you believe in a tried and true method. You might be successful, you might be rich, but you are not an entrepreneur.


3. Your main business priority is making money

When people ask you why you started or want to start your business your immediate reply is to make money. Your business and life decisions are primarily based on facts and figures. Playing it safe has proven a successful strategy in your life, and that’s ok, but you are not an entrepreneur.


4. You’re set in your ways

There is no age to starting a business, but no matter how long you’ve been operating, you might have found a system that works and stuck to it. You love the security which comes with a routine, and you’re afraid of changes and unexpected events. You might feel comfortable in your ways, but you’re not an entrepreneur.


5. You believe in one day

You’ve got plenty of dreams and plans and one day you will turn them into reality, but for now, you have other priorities or responsibilities. The timing isn’t right or you don’t have enough money, perhaps your idea needs improving or you don’t have the experience. But one day you’ll do it, for sure, no doubt. I’m sorry, but you’re not an entrepreneur.


What if you’re none of the above?

Well, there’s no guarantee that you are an entrepreneur, but there a number of traits common amongst many entrepreneurs worldwide. Do you realise that within yourself you have the potential to change the world, one small step at a time? Would you prefer looking at the challenges successful entrepreneurs faced, and the way they tackled them, or would you rather know much money they make?

Do you get excited knowing that you can revolutionise your business, by thinking outside the box and doing things that no one has dared to before? Do you understand that even though you haven’t gotten everything figured out yet, you’ll figure most things out, others will fall into place, and a few might not work out, but that’s ok? Are you excited about tomorrow, even though you do not know what will happen, because it will be an opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned today?

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and not everyone is cut out to make it. That’s OK, because one element which makes the world we live in great is the immense variety. In fact, only a small percentage of the population is geared towards being an entrepreneur, just like there is a small population who is licensed to fly into space. However, just like an astronaut, you are not born to be an entrepreneur, you become one. The choice is yours.