Infographic: Marketing Statistics From 2018

Everyone loves data. Statistics reports help small businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers understand the latest trends in their niches. But without realizing what lies behind the numbers, without deep analytics, these marketing statistics remain only numbers.


The latest stats show how the modern generation reacts to brands, their activities and what brands should take into account. Businesses have to keep abreast of these trends and understand what steps to take to succeed.


Search results ranking.


First three results in Google have 47% of clicks on average. This doesn’t mean, however, that your only desire should be getting in the top three. Instead, you should also understand, that if people don’t find what they were looking for on those first three results, they may return to SERP to explore more. So, being in the Top 10 results should be your primary goal.


Content marketing.


Content marketing is known for its ability to generate a higher number of leads, even up to 3 times as much. It also shows less cost per lead. However, you don’t have to refuse using PPC Ads entirely. A happy combination of both may give you the best results.


Long-tail keywords.


Long-tail keywords not only generate tons of traffic. Most of the long-tails are less competitive and allow small business website rank high for such searches. If you are not a business shark, you have to rely on long-tail keywords in your marketing strategy.


Link building.


Despite the fact that more than half of marketers name link building one of the most challenging marketing tactics, it still has the major impact on website rankings and still one of the most powerful practices for SEO. You should include such link-building tactics as outreach to bloggers and guest posting into your marketing strategy.


Video marketing.


80% of all Internet traffic in 2021 is predicted to originate from videos. YouTube becomes one of the most popular search engines. And if you still don’t have a YouTube channel with helpful videos, you might lose a significant part of that traffic.


Reposting old articles.


More than a half content marketers already know that refreshing old articles have tons of benefits. After the update, these articles generate more traffic and may even jump higher in SERP. You should choose wisely what articles to update.


Influencer marketing.


Influencer outreach is a part of the link-building strategy. It also helps improving trust in your brand and reach out to a broader audience than you already have. If the younger generation is your target audience, you need to establish good relationships with modern YouTubers. Because the younger generation doesn’t trust celebrity reviews anymore.


The infographic.


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. To help you visualize these and other stats I have created this infographic for you to enjoy.

marketing statistics 2018

Helen Stark

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