Infographic: Maximizing Desktop-To-Mobile Migration

In this mobile-obsessed age, you need to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile usage. However, that shouldn’t be done to the detriment of your more traditional desktop users. Desktop usage is still essential for conversions and for providing all the information that you wish to publish. The best solution for businesses like yours is often to find a way of carrying out a mobile migration of your desktop site. In this way, your customers can enjoy the best of both worlds.


How to do it?


There are various ways in which you can implement the migration. One option is to create a mobile-centric site, with content rearranged for a mobile layout. If you have a smaller business, you might not have the resources to manage two separate sites. Instead, you may prefer to implement a responsive site which appears the same across all devices.


Another possibility is to set up a task-oriented app if your business has a function for which this would be appropriate. For example, many transport operators have a ticket booking app. You may also choose to go with a hybrid solution which combines a task-focused app with a full website. This will enable your team to complete tasks quickly while still having easy access to any additional information you need.


If your business decides to pursue the process of mobile migration, it helps to optimize it for SEO the same as they would a desktop site. A growing number of searches are today performed on mobile devices. A lot of established businesses will not yet have done this, so it’s a convenient way for your company to get ahead of your competition.


The infographic.

To help you in managing the desktop to mobile transition seamlessly, our friends at ERS IT Solutions created an infographic with practical, neatly summarized advice on the subject. If done right, there’s no reason why you can’t attract business from both desktop as well as mobile users.

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