Infographic: Using Influencer Marketing For Hotels

Influencer marketing is something that has emerged in the last number of years for many niches. Basically, it means leveraging the social media following of a particular individual to get your message directly to them. Brands including hotels have started to use this tactic as part of their wider marketing activities.


Who are these influencers?

Individuals, known as influencers, have built up followings from their blogs or maybe even from using their social media profiles correctly.  These individuals are successful at influencer marketing thanks mainly to the size of their following. Indeed, many count their followers in the tens of millions globally. Forbes recently released a list of some of the best.

Of course, the number of followers has a bearing on the price you will pay to start a brand collaboration. As a marketer, you need to assess carefully who you wish to work with and to represent your brand. A larger following doesn’t necessarily equate to a perfect alignment to your hotel or other business.


Don’t base your decision on numbers alone

At this point, you should be aware of the fact that a number of factors are at play. Inevitably, some promoting influencer marketing services would have inflated follower numbers. This is something that can easily be done online. Rather than just focusing on followers, give special attention to user engagement. Keep in mind that a smaller follower number might equate to greater influence so things need to be weighed up carefully.

It is vital that the influencer has access to the right demographic for your hotel. Otherwise, the whole campaign will probably be a sheer waste of time and money! It’s also important to measure the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign in terms of return on investment. Brand exposure is difficult to measure. Nevertheless, you should make the effort of attributing any actual sales to the campaign to see if another collaboration is financially worthwhile.


The infographic

There is indeed to learn about influencer marketing, especially if you are just starting out. Fear not, however, as our friends at The Dunloe Hotel have put together this infographic which examines the whole area of influencer marketing and details its benefits, and also highlights how to plan for it.

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