Sponsored: The Importance Of Office Space For Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Twenty years ago, the classic ‘office’ design was very simple. Though there were some variations, the majority of businesses were working the cubicles and strip lighting aesthetic. Employees had individual workstations and came together in boardrooms and conference areas when they wanted to collaborate.


This is still the norm for some companies, but many others chose to make things different. Now, there is a much bigger emphasis on comfort, motivation, and inspiration. Business owners are starting to realise that productivity is more than just being present. If you’re not engaged with the work and happy to contribute, you’ll find it hard to be a valuable member of the team.


This is why picking the right office space is very important, for the sake of your employees and your profit margins.


Attract the best talent.


It’s no secret; having an impressive office, in a respected part of the city, is a great way to attract talented workers. Servcorp offer office space solutions for businesses, with some of the most prestigious facilities in Wellington and Auckland right now.


It is worth being in a central location because you’re close to transport links. This will make it easier for your team to get in and out, with fewer late starts and less stress. Investors we spoke to revealed that they prefer companies which are located right at the heart of retail and financial hubs. It’s just good business sense.


Easy access to the market.


Entering a new market is about more than just selling a few products. You’ve got to convince consumers that you’re trustworthy and loyal. In order to do this consumers must be able to see and experience what you, as an entrepreneur, have to offer them.


You’ve got to get your brand out there, on the streets. This could mean organising activation events, throwing free parties, or offering knock-down deals. Another effective way of doing this is having a fully equipped, centrally located office. This allows you to start networking, to talk to shoppers and interact at ground level.


The chance to get connected.


One of the biggest differences between running a start-up venture or a small business from home and doing it from a dedicated office is skilled and qualified company. By choosing to work in a formal space, even if it’s a private office, you’re connecting to a much bigger corporate network.


This will make it easier to source new talent, find the best contractors, get in touch with investors, and locate cutting edge equipment. It’s easier because you’ve got fellow tenants, secretaries, receptionists, IT support teams, and office vendors for advice.


Cost savings and bigger profits.


It seems counter intuitive to suggest leasing an office as a way to save money, particularly when many entrepreneurs work from home. However, moving into a professional space is an inevitable process if you want to grow anyway. Plus, it’s not as costly as you might think.


There are plenty of ways to bridge the gap between home office and fully fledged commercial real estate. For example, you could opt for a virtual office or co-working space. Other tenants share these spaces, so the rates are low, but quality remains high.


Why going virtual could be the right choice.


It’s certainly worth looking into the idea of virtual work spaces if you’re a small team, with a tight budget. They provide fantastic support for entrepreneurs because the terms and rates are flexible. With a virtual office, you have the freedom to split your time between home and a formal, corporate facility.


Your business address will be at this facility. You can register a mailbox and a dedicated phone number here, all for a modest fee. The best virtual offices do contain fully equipped work spaces, so that you can maintain productivity, even with a change of scenery. You’ll find these offices in central Wellington and Auckland.

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