Secrets To Quickly Grow The Number Of Customers

A lot of businesses fail. Unfortunately, this is a fact. However, those that fail, very often, do not lack products to sell or services to render. Instead, they often fail because they lack the relevant strategies in customer management. With the almost certainty of competition, retaining and growing the number of customers must be the top priority of all businesses.


It’s not them, it’s you!


But this article is not about them. It’s about you and your business. To succeed in business you need to grow the number of customers and not lose the ones you’ve already won over. To succeed in this last-man-standing competition there are secrets which could give you the edge. Fortunately, our friends at Halalpreneur are here to share these secrets with you.


These secrets will make it so easy for you. as a business owner to grow the number of customers that you serve. These secrets are not only tested by myself and others business persons but also trusted by many who follow our advice. To get the most out of these secrets, they must be followed religiously.


1. Add an extra.


Only a few of business owners do this, and it’s a shame really. Give your customers an extra of what they bought or just something else as a ‘thank you for coming’ gift. As Nigerians, we love it when an extra is added to our purchase. According to research, there is a high probability that buyer would not only buy again but would potentially bring a friend, a new customer. This is a sure fire way to grow the number of customers.


2. Converse with your customers.


This secret really keeps existing customers coming to your business. Customers are human beings, and human beings love to be cared for. It doesn’t matter if you’re a loved one, a friend or a friendly staff member. Businesses which care for us as customers give us a sense of belonging.


Now, imagine you converse with a customer of yours, asking about his family, career or hobbies. Imagine you retain the information and each time this customer walks into your business you ask about the sick relative or ask about the game the previous night.


Don’t worry if sometimes a customer patronizes your competitor. The feeling of guilt alone would probably be enough for him to return to you. He would feel that he is not buying from someone who cares for him. In adopting this method, you shouldn’t be selective of the customers you care for. You shouldn’t abandon particular customers because they are not rich or because they aren’t buying much from you.


3. Request customer feedback.


If you want to grow the number of customers always, I mean always follow up on the customer experience. Your business can learn so much from the feedback of your customers. You can learn to offer more convenient solutions or better pricing.


You can get feedback by having feedback forms easily available for customers to fill in. Alternatively, you can talk to the customers directly or try and get their details and communicate through social media or email. Be creative in the way you ask for their feedback, and always remember to thank them. Remember, you can learn a lot more from negative feedback.

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