The Quirky Holidays Your Business Should Be Celebrating

Whether your business is a cafe, toy shop, delivery service or practically anything else, holidays are important dates on your calendar. Sales tend to soar during these times. You naturally do all you can to win as much business as you can. Your competitors are doing the same and you find yourself constantly trying to outsmart them. If only things could be easier. If only your business would be celebrating popular holidays without much competition. The answer is simple. It’s time for you to start celebrating quirky holidays.


What are quirky holidays?


Quirky holidays are sometimes called international days or fun holidays. They are days when people celebrate the smaller things in life. No matter how small the item, emotion or action being celebrated, you would be surprised how seriously people take these holidays. What’s more, the number of these people is quickly growing. The great news for your business is that with some creativity you could promote different products or services on different holidays.


Some quirky holidays for you to try.


In a previous article, we showed you how you can use April’s Fool Day to market your business. 1st April is also known as Fun At Work Day. You can use this day to really reward your staff and let them share pictures and video of how great working at your business is. Surprise your team with some beers and pizza and close up early as you watch episodes of The Office.


The 4th August is International Beer Day. If you don’t own a brewery or sell beer, you can still celebrate this day working in partnership with a local brewery. Create a fun competition or special package deal which includes free beer. Be sure to include social media in the mix for your celebration to gain maximum exposure.


Whilst you may know the 26th December as boxing day, it is also Thank You Note Day. This is where you forget about technology and write meaningful handwritten thank you messages to your special customers. Encourage your staff to do the same to build a great rapport with customers. If you’re feeling creative, you could send your note on a potato!


January 13th is Make Your Dreams Come True day. Do your customers wish you could offer a new product or service? Does your team really wish a coffee machine in the office? Do you want to learn a new skill? Today is the day to do something about it.


March 8th is Proofreading Day. Whilst this might not sound like a quirky holiday, it’s a great time for you to improve your business’ image. Go through all your written material such as websites, brochures, social media, and correct any overlooked errors. There are many great tools which can help you. I certainly recommend Grammarly.


We’re not done yet!


On the 21st May, it is time to celebrate Talk Like Yoda Day. Doing this is simple. Just add a verb and subject at the end of your sentence in the order of object-subject-verb. The force is very strong with a large number of your clients. Go ahead and create a catchy social media post that will get everyone’s attention.


International Joke Day, celebrated on the 1st of July, is probably my favourite quirky holiday. After all, who doesn’t love a good joke? Encourage your fans to send in their best jokes on something related to your business. At work, carry out a practical joke on one of your team members. Laughing is a great way to get rid of the blues.


Have you ever wanted to ask a stupid question but were afraid of the response? On the 28th of September, you can ask away without any worries. It is, you’ve guessed it, Ask A Stupid Question Day. Get to know your team, your customers, and your partners better. Ask all the questions you want and be sure to be ready to have some stupid answers ready, just in case.


Whilst you certainly don’t need to wait for the 26th November, Cake Day is a guaranteed great day. No matter what flavours you prefer, get busy and bake your own cake. Get the rest of the team to do the same and have a tasting session at work. Invite some great clients over and let them choose the winners. If eating┬ácake is too unhealthy for you, have a look at these healthier options.


Saving the best for last.


June 23rd is Take Your Dog To Work Day. What you need to do here is a no brainer. If you want to up the quirky, then get your team to bring any pet they might have into the office. Make sure you inform your customers of your plans in case of any allergies. Take plenty of pictures and make it a great day for your team and your pets.


October 1st is International Coffee Day. Think what the world would be like without this dark booster fuel we all love. On your way to work stop by your favourite coffee shop and buy a round of drinks for your team. Be sure to also make a special effort and offer a coffee to all your customers. This tiny investment may bring you great rewards down the line.


We end the list with one of the most important quirky holidays of the year. February 17th is Random Act Of Kindness Day. There are endless acts which you can carry out on this day so keep your eyes open for any opportunity. People in need of your kindness surround you, but may be too shy to ask. Offer to help anyway and you will certainly feel better afterward.

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    Great article – I follow a number of popular entrepreneur blogs and never saw an article on the same topic which gives so many ideas. We celebrated pancake day at the end of last month and am browsing your article to look for future ideas.

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