How To Achieve Customer Success With Social Media

There are many ways to learn about your clients: focus groups, interviews, surveys, user testing to mention a few. The negative thing about all of these is that people tend to behave in a different way when they know that someone is watching them. Then what can you do to gain more access to your clients? Social media platforms such as Twitter and Google+ can give you lots of information. This is how to achieve customer success with social media.

It’s not all about the LIKES


Many companies focus simply on the likes that a page gains and often do not grab the opportunity to learn about their customers through social media platforms. One way of learning about your users, thus achieving customer success with social media, is by means of your posts. Depending on your posts, which can vary from videos to pictures to blogs or simply words one can find out what interests your clients the most.


For example, if you tend to get more reactions from videos, then focus more on videos. You can delve further in analyzing your analytics. Where do you gain more customer engagement? On original and creative pictures? On pictures that include text? Or maybe ones with an inspirational quote?


Through this, you can have a specific aim in mind on what generates the most engagement and concentrate on that. It is simple, more engagement leads to more customer success. Engagement can easily be tracked by counting the number of likes and shares. However, there is more to it than that.


Facebook, for example, allows you to rate and leave comments on your experiences at a company, much in the same way as Trip Advisor. These comments give you immediate access to feedback from your customers. This awareness is priceless, as it can help you in many aspects of your business. At the end of the day, new potential clients read these comments to see how you fare in customer service.

A new social medium to watch out for.


Although people use Trip Advisor many times for things like this, it only deals with restaurants, hotels and the like. And at the same time, Trip Advisor itself is becoming a social media platform. Users on this platform provide a more natural feedback than through observation or questioning. Listen to what your customers are saying to find out what they want and customer success will follow.

Tracking users on social media.


Besides the rating scale on Facebook or Trip Advisor, you can set up a keyword or a hashtag and see what people are saying about your business, your industry or your competitors. Although we tend to keep backwards and become defensive when we receive negative comments, keep in mind that customers will complain. After all, each complaint is a way for you to fix the problem and many times customers just want to be understood and empathised with.


Another main advantage to achieving customer success with social media is that it is inexpensive and you don’t need to find contributors yourself to take part. You must, however, keep in mind that not everyone is ready to tweet or share their experience on Facebook, Twitter, and the rest.
Social media can help you discover about potential clients views and can be used instead of or in conjunction with market research. You can and should also use it to know where you stand with existing customers. Like this, you learn more about how to market and improve your product or service.

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