Infographic: The Best Times To Post On Social Media

Many business owners and digital marketers get stuck when deciding the best times to post their content on different social media platforms. We have already seen how social media can improve traffic to your website. That doesn’t mean that you should be posting randomly. Instead you should identify the best times to post so your time will be used as effectively as possible.


No two social media platforms are the same

What many business owners don’t realise is that different social media are, well, different. Facebook has a different purpose than Twitter. Linkedin and Instagram have very little in common. They each gained popularity because they offer people different, unique facilities. As a result, people use them for varying lengths of time and at different times of day, or on different days altogether.

Facebook users, all 1.7 billion of them, like to use this platform as a time consumer. They tend to catch up with family and friends, follow the news, and help a cause. On the other hand, Twitter users, limited by 140 characters, tend to keep things short. They express their immediate thoughts and are straight to the point. Instagram users almost do away with words completely and focus on images and videos instead. Linkedin, unlike many other platforms, is designed around professionals and that is why you won’t find users posting details of their kids or pets on it.


Tools to help you post at the best times

A common problem social media page owners face is not being available right at the time that a post should be posted. Fortunately, many solutions exist for this common problem. Free services such as Buffer and Later allow you to schedule posts on a variety of social media at the best times. In this way to can be sure to achieve the highest possible audience attention.


The Infographic

To help get you started we have found a detailed infographic created by SurePayroll that clearly details the best times to post on social media. It also shows that posts with a picture or video have a higher engagement rate than simple text ones. Proper images immediately capture the attention of your audience, resulting in them noticing your posts over your competitors.

best times to post

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