5 Reasons It’s Time To Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

How often has it happened to you? You might have been in a boring meeting or perhaps having a play date with your kids. At some point, your mind drifts off to a business idea that you’ve been thinking of. Up until now, you’ve come up with all sorts of reasons not to explore this idea, but now you feel that you’re obsessed. This is a sign; your inner entrepreneur wants to come to the surface to give your life the next big step you’ve been looking for. If that is not enough to convince you, here are 5 more reasons.

1. You’ve succeeded in making difficult decisions before

Whether you’ve planned your wedding, chose the best city to move to, or raised children, chances are that you’ve already made many difficult decisions in your life. Entrepreneurs make difficult decisions every day. Just like in your past experiences, you do not need to make these decisions alone. You will always find professionals and loved ones to help you. Think of the satisfaction you felt at making the right decisions in your life. You will feel this same satisfaction in your own business.

2. You want to know what true motivation feels like

In your career, you have probably been motivated at times and felt quite the opposite at other times. Now your inner entrepreneur wants you to feel what true motivation is. You’ll be following your passion and your dreams. It will be exciting and hectic. You will have sleepless nights, but they will only come about because you really want your business to succeed. Whatever project you are working on, whichever client you are dealing with, you know that your business is yours. Your hard work will result in your success, not your manager’s.

3. You deserve recognition for your work

At the moment, you might not be getting enough recognition for what you do, or maybe you shy away from accepting it all together. Being able and actually receiving appreciation for a job well done is a valuable ingredient to improving your self-confidence in life. Yet, in a 2013 study about recognition, researchers found that nearly 70% of those interviewed felt uncomfortable receiving it. There is nothing better than being told that you are doing a great job by a customer. Receiving such feedback will help shape a positive attitude, ease your stress and encourage you to keep on working. Whilst such recognition might seldom come to you as an employee, as an entrepreneur, you will be able to receive it frequently.


4. You will acquire many new skills

It is inevitable that by starting your own business you will acquire so many new skills. You can choose to outsource tasks that you are not comfortable doing. For the rest, you can learn how to do them and do them better than ever before. Starting today, just by reading this article, you are learning. By learning, you are feeding your inner entrepreneur new information which you will use in your own business. The world is full of resources that you can use to acquire new skills, all you need is time to learn them and opportunities to practice them. Owning a business will give you both of these.


5. The numbers are in your favour

Perhaps you are looking for a more scientific reason to unleash your inner entrepreneur. Whilst you might think that you are too old to start your first business, a study on the ideal start-up founder showed that normally he or she is in their late 30s or older. Whilst the media seems to be focused on the younger tech founders, there are many, older, non-tech related founders out there. Cher Wang (co-founder of HTC), J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series), and Anita Roddick (founder of The Body Shop) are all perfect examples of this. The truth is that there is no perfect age to become an entrepreneur.