3 Reasons Why You’re Better Off Outsourcing

As small business owners, one of our constant worries is having sufficient cash flow to be able to operate smoothly. Entrepreneurs often choose to mitigate this problem by carrying out a lot of administrative work themselves. Such work could include back-office administration, cleaning, delivering, etc. They do not consider outsourcing, understandably, to save money.

However, this reasoning is wrong. Here’s why.


1. Time spent doing administrative work is time not spent with clients

It is a known fact; a business succeeds if it makes sufficient profit, and profit comes from sales to clients. If you do not spend time getting clients and keeping them well kept, your competitors will. Use your limited time wisely, instead of cleaning your office you’d better send a newsletter to potential clients, instead of data entry you’d better set up a meeting with a major client. You are leading your business and you can only lead it from the front.


2. You can have a motivated, dedicated, and reliable workforce, without employing them.

Nowadays you can find businesses that will do pretty much anything to support you. Through websites such as Fiverr and SEO clerks you can outsource any part of your business. Even locally, by searching the web or looking through social media you can find a business that can carry out any operation of your business.

These are normally one or two-person businesses and they want to win you over as a client and do your work for you. They took a risk by working on their own and therefore they are eager to succeed. Upon agreeing on the terms of the task you needn’t worry about managing them, about them not getting along with their colleagues or any other challenges which employees bring with them.


3. Outsourcing will cost you less in the long run

Consider yourself for a moment. You are, or inspire to be, an entrepreneur and that means that you feel that you are very good at something. You might even consider yourself an expert. Similarly, business owners of these outsourcing companies tend to be professionals in their respective fields, in most cases, better than you could ever be. No one can be an expert on everything. Being professional at something also means being efficient. Taking less time than it would take a non-professional to do and also making it better. It could take you 3 hours to clean your office, plus the cost of the cleaning equipment when it would take a professional cleaner an hour at no extra cost for equipment.

You should not think of outsourcing as an extra cost but rather as cost-saving. Remember that everything, even your own time, comes at a cost, so your goal should be to get more value for your money. If you can make a profit of €1000 in 4 hours today, why would you want to spend the next 4 hours entering data, when you could outsource it for €25/hour and get it done in 3 hours instead?